Gates To The Garden

Pigmented ink jet print on German Etching archival paper

Image size 45 x 45 cm
Paper size 59 x 59 cm

Edition of 25 + 2 A/P

Price: £500

Alan Rankle was born in Oldham in 1952. He studied at Rochdale School of Art and Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. His work in painting, installation and printmaking is increasingly highly regarded and a series of high profile solo exhibitions in Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan and London have confirmed his status as one of the most innovative landscape painters working today. In a new series of works, including paintings, limited editions and unique prints, Rankle continues his preoccupation with revitalising the tradition of landscape art within the context of our post-industrial, and arguably pre-apocalyptic, world. In these recent works he seems to treat the whole history of landscape painting as a ‘found object’. Aspects of Classical Romantic painting are fused with Abstract Expressionistic gestures; optical illusion elements are painted as though from a 19th century naturalists journal. Knowingly referenced Conceptual asides provide an undercurrent of contemporary unease.. All these elements collide as a montage in these works, depicting a world splintering and fragmenting towards chaos, yet still evoking an eerie, and somehow threatening, illusion of harmony.

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